„Hätte für meinen Geschmack gerne etwas expliziter sein dürfen, also Hard- statt Softcore, but that’s just me.“
— René Walter, Nerdcore


johannes p osterhoff - IMG SRC ORG

For my master project I made a search engine with an interface that lets you search images by composition.
The book IMG SRC deals with its context.

IMG SRC ORG was my final project at Merz Akademie in summer 2006. It consisted of a search engine that was crawling Wikipedia for images. A special interface, returned visually similar images in reply to simple user sketches.

On the image below, the first canvas (top left) has been partially painted in blue. Some of the areas have been “pressed” and query the database for images that match these visual criteria. Selecting an image on the right, places them on the second canvas (bottom left). From there areas or whole images can be copied back to the first canvas. This mixing of various images, the image editing features and the instant response in the search result set, facilitates complex visual image searches.

IMG SRC ORG Official Screenshot

I published the theoretical context of IMG SRC ORG in German. “IMG SRC – Anmerkungen und Lösungen zum Problem digitaler Bildersuche im Netz” (Remarks and Solutions on the Issue of Image-based Information Retrieval on the Web) deals with visual image search from mainly a cultural studies point of view. Some images from my setup back then…

The setup of the presentation (and my workspace)

The crawler and indexer in action

The various bots making up the indexing program

As legend has it, the first image on the web—the CERNettes
(and a screenshot of the crawler)