“It's really wild to see something that's only ever existed in pixels translated into real-life.” — TUAW


johannes p osterhoff - Hausbau

A PDF magazine inspired by my stay in Moscow that generates an unique copy for each reader. The engine is driven by a set of true type fonts and F-PDF.

Hausbau was the first (and, as far as I know, by now only) dynamically illustrated PDF magazine. With an engine run by PHP, F-PDF and a set of special true-type fonts, with each download of the Hausbau, an individual version for each reader is generated. For example, facades of houses are changing, grass and trees are growing and appear in different light.

With the topic of the “Hausbau” being the individual in social housing, the PDF magazine derives its fascination from the interplay of topic and technical realization. But Hausbau also extends the current use and perception of PDF as a format. Adobe, for example, portrays PDF as solid remainder of the printing press. In the digital context it so is perceived as static—and secure. A format you can trust.

Hausbau on the contrary reminds its readers that PDFs, like all data, can be programmed, manipulated and for example dynamically illustrated.