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johannes p osterhoff - Fakebook

Facebook gives people the power to share
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I wanted to give up Facebook for the project…

But so far I couldn’t.

Anyway I have the impression, people find me in Facebook too easily and many start to use Facebook instead of e-mail. As I do not like this at all and as I do not want to enter the gated community of Facebook everyday, I decided to make the process a bit more difficult.

My approach is to do something against this process from the outside, so I concentrated on Google. Old acquaintance seem to query my name in Google, find the entry of Facebook and contact me there without checking my website or using the contact possibilities of good ol’ e-mail. So I created a very simple web-page which also shows up in Google search results and looks very similar to the result of Facebook there. I called it Fakebook.

This is the result you get when you query Google for “johannes p osterhoff, facebook”:

Facebook in Google results.

And this is my simple web page as it shows up in Google many, many pages later:

Fakebook in Google

As you can see, Facebook has become very influential and unfortunately shows up very early in Google’s result list. You can help m Fakebook to overtake Facebook (or at least come closer to it) by linking to my Facebook-like page.

Thank you very much! If you do, please let me know with a short e-mail to
contact at johanes-p-osterhoff dot com
Or send me a message… via Facebook.

Update May 17: In the meantime Fakebook shows up in the search results. At least.