“If I could live with any work of art ever made it would be the print I bought from the artist Johannes P Osterhoff.”
— Cory Arcangel in Art World

Drop Shadow Blog

johannes p osterhoff - Drop Shadow Blog

Here I blog about the oddities I encounter when I take a walk in the digital drop shadow. Difficult subject.
So far I am not even sure about its light source.

This blog accompanies the lecture series Drop Shadow Talks and the Drop Shadow Seminar at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.

In the Drop Shadow Blog I collect the oddities I find when I take a long walk in the digital drop shadow, the most often applied graphic effect of our time. It deals with everything related to the visual enrichment of the graphical user interface as such, the growing influence of interfaces on graphic and product design, remarkable projects in this field and also interviews with the speakers of the Drop Shadow Talks.

Some posts to start from:

Patron Survives Google Pin Incident
A story about my patron of the arts who is pursued by misfortune—interface elements keep manifesting in real space and fall down on him. More soon!

Energy-Saving Lamps Do Not Weaken Drop Shadows
Currently everything is green-lined. And so is the interface of OS X. Apple changed the icon of Energy Saving when updated from Leopard to Snow Leopard. Now they use an energy-saving lamp as an icon. Surprisingly the drop shadow were not getting weaker.

Drop Shadow Decade
How interfaces of new media are influencing old graphic design and how big German publishers stay caught in old styles.

Poly Carbonate with a High Gloss Sealer
On how to render the perfect interface look of gloss and attached shadowing properly in real space. I found the answer in a trailer for Toy Story 3.