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Firewall Ball Masters

Johannes P Osterhoff - Firewall Ball Masters

At Merz Aka we played the Swabian Masters of Firewall Ball. Several bruises and broken bones later, we came up with a new set of rules for the aspiring sport.

December 2010

Firewall Ball

Johannes P Osterhoff - Firewall Ball

Play Firewall Ball until no brick of the famous icon rests on one another! The highly official sport for the 21st century premiered at Ars Electronica this summer.

September 2010

7 Windows

Johannes P Osterhoff - 7 Windows

Seeing now through dim Windows obscurely, but then face to face; now I know partially, but then I shall know as I also have been known. 1 Corinthians 13:12

March 2010

Desktop Island

Johannes P Osterhoff - Desktop Island

Got struck on a deserted island. So I thought. By now I discovered a lost civilization based on—Windows. I cannot leave yet, so please read my notes!

October 2009

Windows 68

Johannes P Osterhoff - Windows 68

Windows 68 is a modification of Windows XP that starts a revolutionary in the system. Press Revolution! instead of Start, use Graffiti instead of Paint!

Traveling Desktop Country

Johannes P Osterhoff - Traveling Desktop Country

At MoAA Berlin I was starting to think of Windows as a very white-bread system whose suit wearing citizens picnic on far reaching meadows.

April 2009


Johannes P Osterhoff - Defence

Defence is a selection of aluminium shields extracted from the interface of Windows Vista. They can be used in sword fight or similar combat.

November 2008

Aero Contest

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aero Contest

For the second Interface Art competition I decided that my partner should be nobody less than Microsoft. So far my inquiries have fallen on deaf ears.

September 2007

Aero: System Holidays

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aero: System Holidays

The population of Windows Vista has gone to holiday in protected mode. The wanted to shut down gracefully. But on the way home they crashed anyway.

August 2007

Aero: User Romance

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aero: User Romance

Diptych on the romantic feelings operating systems can develop when in close touch. The desktop icons have a picnic then they go swimming—on wallpapers.

August 2007

Aero: Home Security

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aero: Home Security

The first print made of Vista wallpapers and icons (in various sizes). Lucky me! There are 256 by 256 pixel big images in the many concealed DLL files!

August 2007

Prints on Canvas: Vista Ed.

Johannes P Osterhoff - Prints on Canvas: Vista Ed.

Why the standard icons for my digital images on Windows could be sold at bargain bins and why a collector from New York pays a small fortune for my version?

Windows Real

Johannes P Osterhoff - Windows Real

With the YouTube blockbuster Windows Real users can experience an absolutely real interface. It was the result of a seminar I gave at Merz Akademie.

Earthly Bliss

Johannes P Osterhoff - Earthly Bliss

I found a dusty oil painting similar to the famous Windows XP wallpaper on my parents' attic. The history of computer graphics has to be rewritten.

September 2004