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Firewall Ball Masters

Johannes P Osterhoff - Firewall Ball Masters

At Merz Aka we played the Swabian Masters of Firewall Ball. Several bruises and broken bones later, we came up with a new set of rules for the aspiring sport.

December 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Johannes P Osterhoff - Home, Sweet Home

Home is where one's heart is—with a solid door, curtains and shuttered windows. My new construction of the Home icon from OS X awaits its inhabitants.

November 2010

Interface Art & Discourse

Johannes P Osterhoff - Interface Art & Discourse

My great first students at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule had to render their most striking experiences with interfaces into concrete projects.

January 2009


Johannes P Osterhoff - Defence

Defence is a selection of aluminium shields extracted from the interface of Windows Vista. They can be used in sword fight or similar combat.

November 2008

Windows Real

Johannes P Osterhoff - Windows Real

With the YouTube blockbuster Windows Real users can experience an absolutely real interface. It was the result of a seminar I gave at Merz Akademie.

The Submit Button

Johannes P Osterhoff - The Submit Button

A 50 by 100 cm large-scale real-life model of a submit button from the web's early age, my first interface artwork ever and almost replaced by Like and +1 buttons.

November 2003