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Johannes P Osterhoff - #instaseminar

Hypermediated seminar at Merz Akademie about mobile snapshot making. Students learned how hard it can be to make rounded corners without bevel filters.

Uncanny Valley

Johannes P Osterhoff - Uncanny Valley

Seminar at Merz Akademie about the Uncanny Valley of User Interface Design. Projects between abstraction and realism, symbols and images.

Windows 68

Johannes P Osterhoff - Windows 68

Windows 68 is a modification of Windows XP that starts a revolutionary in the system. Press Revolution! instead of Start, use Graffiti instead of Paint!

The Final Frontier

Johannes P Osterhoff - The Final Frontier

Interface… the final frontier. A seminar at Merz Akademie on the space depictions on desktops. Interface Night lives long and prosper on YouTube.