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Panel at tm2k+12

Johannes P Osterhoff - Panel at tm2k+12

On February 3, I participated in the panel “Isolation and Empowerment after Web 2.0” and presented recent performances and the works that inspired them.

February 2012

Google™ – One Week Piece

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google™ – One Week Piece

Since the One-Year Piece was already over during transmediale 2k+12, a collaborative one-week edition ducumented participants' searches during the festival.

Google at Filmwinter

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google at Filmwinter

“Google” received a Honorary Mention at the Expanded Media Preis Network Culture at Stuttgarter Filmwinter and almost won the audience award from ARTE creative :)

January 2012

Google – One Year Piece

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google – One Year Piece

Since January 1, I publish all my Google search queries in a one-year online performance called Google. Feel free to recommend and buy queries.

January 2011

Don’t drink Google Juice!

Johannes P Osterhoff - Don’t drink Google Juice!

Destilling Google Juice was not for the good of humanity. It turned out to be addictive. Don't drink Google Juice! I founded an abstinence movement instead.

October 2010

Google Juice

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google Juice

Recently I was able to distill the mysterious Google Juice, the etheral substance that floats between web pages. Get your bottle! Beware, it is addictive!

June 2010