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Aqua IV: Window Control

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua IV: Window Control

The return of the Aqua series after a long time: a portrait of Steve Jobs emerging from all possible window control bubbles the OS X interface has to offer.

October 2010

Aqua Contest

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua Contest

The world's first graphical user interface art contest ever! Readers of Maclife magazine were asked to produce Interface Art out of OS X GUI elements.

September 2007

Super Dock Clouds

Johannes P Osterhoff - Super Dock Clouds

Made of the animation when a program is deleted from the dock of OS X. A very glossy and big print on plastic. Quoting Cory's work with all due respect.

July 2007

Aqua III: Depth

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua III: Depth

The very last boiling up of Aqua took place at Galerie 35 in Berlin. The long running series of prints evaporated into Aero and is since then gone forever.

July 2007

Aqua II: Float

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua II: Float

Even more water and drops. Almost floating out of the print. As all Aqua II, this diptych was shown at great ABC Gallery at Art Strelka in Moscow, too.

October 2006

Aqua II: Net & Drops

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua II: Net & Drops

Imagery inspired by the Nature screensaver. Even though water in combination with electrified technology is dangerous, it is all over the operating system.

October 2006

Aqua II: True Color

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua II: True Color

Seeing true colors and yet color blind? Test your eye-sight with another print on perspex from the Aqua series. Also made of OS X interface elements only.

September 2006

Aqua II: Star Bars

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua II: Star Bars

If I could take the scrollbars out of OS X, I think they would be blue light sabers. The force is with this big perspex print—if dark or light side is uncertain.

July 2005

Aqua I

Johannes P Osterhoff - Aqua I

A series of prints on perspex with about a flooding kitchen. The prints consisted of interface elements like scrollbars from OS X and were shown at EMAF.

July 2005