“Billboards announcing the arrival of the iPad on Friday have been going up all over Berlin, but one of them in the subway station of Rosenthaler Platz is quite different to the rest.” — Mike Butcher, TechCrunch

Needles, CA

johannes p osterhoff - Needles, CA

When travelling to California to present CONTENTUS,
I tried to find the needle in the many Californian haystacks. Difficult and inspiring at the same time!

I came to the understanding that I had been searching string based needles for too long now. Not only me, web search as such is moving towards entity based search. On my journey I did not only visit the village Needles, I also got to know Jimmy Needles, an American basketball coach and saw the blockbuster horror movie Needle directed by John V. Soto. Needles to say that these distinctions also shoud be made in an elegant way information retrieval.

CONTENTUS—A Semantic Multimodal Search User Interface

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The search interface of CONTENTUS combines different media and entity types within one result page. The types comprise books, newspaper-articles, videos, images, audio, locations, and persons. Thereby, locations and persons are entities and not documents. All types can be visually distinguished by an individual layout and icon set. For example, search results for locations reveal a geo-map, and an image preview is presented in video image results. The relevance ranking of the search result is supported by different sizes of the single result items. The more relevant an item is, the more space is provided to show related information.