„Uns gefällt der Strandspaziergang.“ — Ji-Hun Kim, De:Bug

Windows Real

johannes p osterhoff - Windows Real

With the YouTube blockbuster Windows Real users can experience an absolutely real interface. It was the result of a seminar I gave at Merz Akademie.

Models are simplified realities. Computers once were modelling machines,
their interfaces models themselves. More and more interfaces lack this reduction
of reality nowadays. Today models make reality.

See the seminar teaser page and the profound seminar wiki.

The great participants of the seminar were Christoph Brandin, Julia Doktorowski, David Ikuye, Ingo Kollek, Tobias Mikl, Christopher Molka, Marc Neubauer, Isabel Reuter, Emanuel Schädler, Alexander Schlegel, Thilo Schulz, Paul Steinhilber, Benjamin Wingert.