„... zeigt die schmutzige Seite des neuen Apple-Produkts.“ – Andreas Seeger, areamobile

Traveling Desktop Country

johannes p osterhoff - Traveling Desktop Country

At MoAA Berlin I was starting to think of Windows as a very white-bread system whose suit wearing citizens picnic on far reaching meadows.

Therefore I have tried to obtain the view of a cultural anthropologist when using Windows. My talk at Museum of American Art in Berlin was the collocation of thoughts I had into this direction.

The talks was about Desktop Country, a land of order and tidiness. It is a paradise-like land of light and Bliss. The country’s Windows and its famous pristine objects are made of the best glass and are sealed with a magic high gloss sealer; its inhabitants are always eager and well dressed and they cast the most flawless shadows one could imagine. But in this shadow, there is forming resistance.

The inhabitants of the small row houses have become aimless. The weekend trip to the green idyll has become meaningless. They all have to work too hard to be able to afford the escapist vacation on the mysterious secluded island. The many items produced with nanotechnology and sold in Photoshops cannot help them either. Optimism is vanishing and the collective dream of a long planned journey into space is over.

In my travels into the “brave new world” of Desktop Country I got to know the inhabitants, their work and leisure; as well as their norms and values. In my slide presentation, I reported on the current disturbances in Desktop Country, which has been hardly noticed by mass media.