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The Final Frontier

johannes p osterhoff - The Final Frontier

Interface… the final frontier. A seminar at Merz Akademie on the space depictions on desktops. Interface Night lives long and prosper on YouTube.

The result of the seminar at Merz Akademie was called “Interface Night”.

Depictions of astronomic phenomena are used to symbolize the graphical user interface’s infinite space and therewith the user’s unlimited possibilities—not only since Windows’ screen saver classic “Starfield Simulation” and Apple Leopard’s Aurora wallpaper.

In this seminar we explored the strange new worlds in interface space, we were seeking out new mysterious depictions and promised utopias. On our journey towards this final frontier we orbited around our questions regarding the interface and boldly went towards theory on the graphical user interface and user experience.

The seminar The Final Frontier was planned to close with a joint exhibition or a similar space project (e.g. a rocket launch). As you can see we uploadad Interface Night to YouTube.

The German version of this text can be found on the seminars’ own teaser page.
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