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The Submit Button

johannes p osterhoff - The Submit Button

A 50 by 100 cm large-scale real-life model of a submit button from the web’s early age, my first interface artwork ever and almost replaced by Like and +1 buttons.

The legendary Submit Button is a 50 by 100 cm large-scale real-life model of his virtual counterpart used since Windows 95.

Home, Sweet Home and Submit Button
The Submit Button in 2011 during “Hyperkult XX” (with “Home, Sweet Home”)

It can be hung to a wall and because it consists of foam material it also can be pressed. It was a contribution to the group exhibition The First Ten Years at Merz Akademie Stuttgart in November 2003 which celebrated the first decade of the World Wide Web and was memorializing the web’s first user generation. During the show the Submit Button was spotlighted from the upper left so that its upper levels resembles the brighter pixels of its match from the early browsers.

The Submit Button in 2006: Olia Lialina submits like hell at European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück

The Submit Button in 2003
The Submit Button in 2003 during “The First Ten Years of WWW” at Merz Akademie

Since then time has passed and the Submit Button for example was hung to walls at European Media Art festival (in 2006, see video above), in Chaos Computer Club Headquarters in 2007, at Tacheles Berlin in 2008. Then it was featured in the Digital Folklore Reader published by Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied. Recently it could be seen at Hyperkult XX in Lüneburg.

The Submit Button was produced by Firma Groll from Reutlingen, a superb Swabian maker of mattresses and foam materials of all kind.