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Panel at tm2k+12

johannes p osterhoff - Panel at tm2k+12

On February 3, I participated in the panel “Isolation and Empowerment after Web 2.0” and presented recent performances and the works that inspired them.

From the description:
After the emergence of Web 2.0, analysing the topology and the effects of artistic and hacktivist practices both offline and online implies a reflection on power structures, networking methodologies as well as on the tension between increasing connectivity and virtualisation of social relationships. The progressive involvement of users in the production process generates new possibilities of peer interaction, but also of hierarchical control and intimate atomisation. It becomes necessary to rethink the meaning of critical strategies in contexts of networking, not only exposing the possible scenarios of networked dystopias, but also proposing a new path for political actions based on the recognition of distributed subjectivities.

The full description and all other participants can be found at the site of transmediale.
The panel was curated by Geoff Cox.

My slides can be found at Slideshare.

Thanks for the images to Fleur Augustinus.