“Lousy Way Of Protesting” — Gizmodo

Home, Sweet Home

johannes p osterhoff - Home, Sweet Home

Home is where one’s heart is—with a solid door, curtains and shuttered windows. My new construction of the Home icon from OS X awaits its inhabitants.

Is that why Apple users live in bourgeois allotment gardens houses? Freed from the Uncanny Valley of interface design, “Home, Sweet Home” was shown in real public space on the streets of Berlin, at Ars Electronica St. Oberholz in Berlin and during Hyperkult XX on Lüneburg.

OS X Home Icon
Every house building starts with a plan.

Wooden Shutters in Red
Painting the shutters for the single window.

Painting the Door
The OS X house has a very solid door.

Wallpapers faking Plastering
After long reserach I found a wallpaper to properly fake the fake plaster.

Last summer I took “Home, Sweet Home” to various places. This is why I made a two straps on its back. They are useful to take it rucksack-like from exhibition to exhibition. When I am carry it around I usually get to know a lot of people :)


Aldi Home
At German supermarket Aldi

Berlin Homes
Different homes

Curtains, Window, Shutters and Flower Box
The single window painted in blue, with shutters and white curtains

Door from the Left
The front door

Home Sweet Home
“Home, Sweet Home” in a corner of Ars Electronica 2010 with an Austrian inhabitant.

Ground Floor
“Home, Sweet Home” at Sankt Oberholz, Berlin…

Home, Sweet Home and Submit Button
…and together with my first Interface Artwork during Hyperkult XX in Lüneburg.