„... zeigt die schmutzige Seite des neuen Apple-Produkts.“ – Andreas Seeger, areamobile

Google – One Year Piece

johannes p osterhoff - Google – One Year Piece

Since January 1, I publish all my Google search queries in a one-year online performance called Google.
Feel free to recommend and buy queries.

I, Johannes P Osterhoff, shall do a one year performance piece.

The piece is called Google and documents all searches I perform with the search engine of the same name.

The performance shall start on January 1, 2011 and shall end on December 31, 2011.

I shall not use undocumented ways to use the search engine Google during this time.

Each of my search queries shall create a webpage that is indexed by this search engine and thus creates an unique feedback loop.

Search queries can be bought and shall cost 99 cents each.

For search, I shall use only these computers during this year:
Laptop — Apple MacBook Pro, OS X, Windows 7, each with Firefox
Netbook — Samsung N130, Ubuntu, Firefox
Work — Dell Desktop, Windows 7, Firefox
Mobile — Apple iPhone 3G, iOS, Mobile Safari

You can follow the searches by RSS and a selection by Twitter.

Submit Button and Google
Google has been exhibited together with the Submit Button and Freedom from Porn during Hyperkult XX in summer 2011.