I really love what Johannes P Osterhoff does: his Google performance where he made his search requests public. That discomfort means to adjust your life to constant surveillance. It’s about being completely open about everything, and now there is a really interesting range in documentation of what he went through in this time. — Olia Lialina, EXBERLINER, Feb 2012

Google™ – One Week Piece

johannes p osterhoff - Google™ – One Week Piece

Since the One-Year Piece was already over during transmediale 2k+12, a collaborative one-week edition ducumented participants’ searches during the festival.

The one-week performance was accompanied by a workshop during which participants set up their browsers to automatically publish all their Google searches during transmediale on the web. By means of a modified WordPress blog, we interlinked our searches so that our searches received good rankings and become visible in everybody’s search results.

The manifesto of the one-week performance:
We shall do an one-week performance piece.

The piece is called “Google” and documents all searches we perform with the search engine of the same name.

The performance shall take place during transmediale 2012 and shall start on Monday, January 30 and shall end on Sunday, February 5, 2012.

We shall not use undocumented ways to use the search engine Google during this time.

Each of our search queries shall create a web page that is indexed by this search engine and thus makes our searches publicly available as search results for everybody.

The performance was open to everyone.
All those interested could request an account by mail.

At the end the whole list of participants read like this:
Martin Backes
Olivia Bellas
Alain Bieber
Roberta Buiani
Lucille de Vitte
Jan Dirksen
Peter Ewald
Nathan Guo
Susanne Hardecker
Raika Heidemann
Margit Hinke
Christian Mayr Hofer
Brendan Howell
Thomas Hütter
Florian Kuhlmann
Christina Kral
Mi Sun Lee
Thilo Leibelt
Frank Lohmeyer
Olia Lialina
Mac Mueller
Tobias Müller
Owen Mundy
Ansgar Oberholz
Johannes P Osterhoff
Kathrin Passig
Ping Lu
Patricia Reis
Alessandra Renzi
Uli Schuster
Michael Seemann
Sebastian Schmieg
Joachim Stein
Christian Villum
René Walter
Mark Wirblich.

Thanks to all the participants!

P.S. In the second part of the Workshop, participants came up with the idea to tell the story of the fictional “Google Storyteller” via their searches. These searches can be found here.