“If I could live with any work of art ever made it would be the print I bought from the artist Johannes P Osterhoff.”
— Cory Arcangel in Art World

Google Juice

johannes p osterhoff - Google Juice

Recently I was able to distill the mysterious Google Juice, the etheral substance that floats between web pages.
Get your bottle! Beware, it is addictive!

One of the key factors of search engine optimization that is clouded in secrecy is the mysteries Google Juice. It is ment to be an ethereal substance which flowts between web pages via their hyperlinks. The amount of Google Juice flowting around a page thus reflects how well connected it is.

After a long quest I was able to catch the myth-enshrouded liquid and to precess it for mass consumption. Currently you can buy Google Juice only at the German discounter Netto, but I am negotiating with other distributors as well. Buy Google Juice today and get well connected and refreshed from this tonic potion.

Update: The real Google Juice actually came from Rene :)

Another Update: DO NOT drink Google Juice. It is highly addictive!

Google Juice
The first bottle of Google Juice.

Google offers everything
Google offers really everything :)

Google Juice Results
Online result layout offline. Read carefully.

Google Juice
Google Juice and others at a Berlin based supermarket.