„Hätte für meinen Geschmack gerne etwas expliziter sein dürfen, also Hard- statt Softcore, but that’s just me.“
— René Walter, Nerdcore

Firewall Ball Masters

johannes p osterhoff - Firewall Ball Masters

At Merz Aka we played the Swabian Masters of Firewall Ball. Several bruises and broken bones later, we came up with a new set of rules for the aspiring sport.

The Firewall Ball Cup took place during Wahlwoche from December 6 till 10, 2010 at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. The documentation video was directed, shot and cut by Marc Bretzler.


The Ö?üt Incident
The Ö?üt Foul will enter the history books of Firewall Ball.

From icon to trophy—the Firewall Ball Cup.

More images can be found on Flickr and some social network.

Participants of the seminar and players were Saskia Aldinger, Vlatko Babic, Esra Bayrak, Brandi Bryant, Hannes Buchwald, Darja Daut, Marina Gröpel, Jens Kefer, Steve Krapitz, Daniel Kurfess, Cando?an Ö?üt, Jan Wenger. With a special guest appearance by Prof. Mario Doulis and Merz Allstars Isabel Aller, Robert Kaiser and Irmela Nothdurft.

The Firewal Ball Masters logo was created by Jan Wenger,
the Firewall Ball Song by Steve Krappitz.

Thanks to all participants! Get well…