Destop Country ist ein digitales Musterland aus sauberen Reihenhaussiedlungen und mit vorbildlichen Bewohnern.
Doch hinter diesen perfekten Fassaden gärt es genauso wie in der realen Welt.“ — taz

Aqua II: Star Bars

johannes p osterhoff - Aqua II: Star Bars

If I could take the scrollbars out of OS X, I think they would be blue light sabers. The force is with this big perspex print—if dark or light side is uncertain.

With OS X Lion this these prints have not become obsolete but have risen in value.

Aqua II: Star Bars
Aqua II: Star Bars at Merz Akademie


Aqua II: Star Bars with the True Color prints and Maxim Iliukhin at the Gallery of
Art Business Consulting Group in Moscow