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Google™ – One Week Piece

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google™ – One Week Piece

Since the One-Year Piece was already over during transmediale 2k+12, a collaborative one-week edition ducumented participants' searches during the festival.

Sneak Preview?

Johannes P Osterhoff - Sneak Preview?

The semex interface facilitates users to instantly know what to expect in faceted video searching. Paper to be presented at IVDW during Informatik 2011.

Google – One Year Piece

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google – One Year Piece

Since January 1, I publish all my Google search queries in a one-year online performance called Google. Feel free to recommend and buy queries.

January 2011


Johannes P Osterhoff - CONTENTUS

My esteemed collegues Harald Sack, Jörg Waitelonis and I wrote a paper about our recent project CONTENTUS, the semantic multimedia retrieval system.


Johannes P Osterhoff - Fakebook

Facebook gives people the power to share lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr. I wanted to give up Facebook for the project...

February 2010

Defence Project

Johannes P Osterhoff - Defence Project

A documentation of the numerous promises of absolute security encountered on user interfaces. I started to categorize the associated defensive imagery.

November 2009

Desktop Island

Johannes P Osterhoff - Desktop Island

Got struck on a deserted island. So I thought. By now I discovered a lost civilization based on—Windows. I cannot leave yet, so please read my notes!

October 2009

Drop Shadow Blog

Johannes P Osterhoff - Drop Shadow Blog

Here I blog about the oddities I encounter when I take a walk in the digital drop shadow. Difficult subject. So far I am not even sure about its light source.


Johannes P Osterhoff - IMG SRC

My small book on visual information retrieval systems. IMG SRC ORG searches images with images and not with text like pathetic Flickr or Google.

– | /

Johannes P Osterhoff - – | /

A project by Jay P. Lee and me on Sergej Eisenstein's principles of montage. 50 years after his death we use those principles to let life and RSS collide.

December 2006


Johannes P Osterhoff - IMG SRC ORG

For my master project I made a search engine with an interface that lets you search images by composition. The book IMG SRC deals with its context.

September 2006


Johannes P Osterhoff - Hausbau

A PDF magazine inspired by my stay in Moscow that generates an unique copy for each reader. The engine is driven by a set of true type fonts and F-PDF.

November 2005