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Sneak Preview?

Johannes P Osterhoff - Sneak Preview?

The semex interface facilitates users to instantly know what to expect in faceted video searching. Paper to be presented at IVDW during Informatik 2011.


Johannes P Osterhoff - semex

semex is a system for semantic video retrieval. Like the visionary memex it strives for explorative and meaningful information retrieval.

April 2011

Needles, CA

Johannes P Osterhoff - Needles, CA

When travelling to California to present CONTENTUS, I tried to find the needle in the many Californian haystacks. Difficult and inspiring at the same time!


Johannes P Osterhoff - CONTENTUS

My esteemed collegues Harald Sack, Jörg Waitelonis and I wrote a paper about our recent project CONTENTUS, the semantic multimedia retrieval system.

yovisto labs

Johannes P Osterhoff - yovisto labs

On yovisto labs my fellow researches show off their work in all sorts fields of media analysis. Some interfaces I designed also can be found there.

November 2010


Johannes P Osterhoff - IMG SRC

My small book on visual information retrieval systems. IMG SRC ORG searches images with images and not with text like pathetic Flickr or Google.


Johannes P Osterhoff - IMG SRC ORG

For my master project I made a search engine with an interface that lets you search images by composition. The book IMG SRC deals with its context.

September 2006


Johannes P Osterhoff - IM_OP

With the university medical center in Tübingen and Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart I tried to bring medical operations and cave environments together.