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Johannes P Osterhoff - #instaseminar

Hypermediated seminar at Merz Akademie about mobile snapshot making. Students learned how hard it can be to make rounded corners without bevel filters.

Panel at tm2k+12

Johannes P Osterhoff - Panel at tm2k+12

On February 3, I participated in the panel “Isolation and Empowerment after Web 2.0” and presented recent performances and the works that inspired them.

February 2012

Google™ – One Week Piece

Johannes P Osterhoff - Google™ – One Week Piece

Since the One-Year Piece was already over during transmediale 2k+12, a collaborative one-week edition ducumented participants' searches during the festival.

Uncanny Valley

Johannes P Osterhoff - Uncanny Valley

Seminar at Merz Akademie about the Uncanny Valley of User Interface Design. Projects between abstraction and realism, symbols and images.

Another App Store

Johannes P Osterhoff - Another App Store

In my recent seminar at BTK, students made arty apps—ones that most likely would not be approved by Apple. We therefor opened Another App Store.

Firewall Ball Masters

Johannes P Osterhoff - Firewall Ball Masters

At Merz Aka we played the Swabian Masters of Firewall Ball. Several bruises and broken bones later, we came up with a new set of rules for the aspiring sport.

December 2010

Windows 68

Johannes P Osterhoff - Windows 68

Windows 68 is a modification of Windows XP that starts a revolutionary in the system. Press Revolution! instead of Start, use Graffiti instead of Paint!

Traveling Desktop Country

Johannes P Osterhoff - Traveling Desktop Country

At MoAA Berlin I was starting to think of Windows as a very white-bread system whose suit wearing citizens picnic on far reaching meadows.

April 2009

Interface Art & Discourse

Johannes P Osterhoff - Interface Art & Discourse

My great first students at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule had to render their most striking experiences with interfaces into concrete projects.

January 2009

The Final Frontier

Johannes P Osterhoff - The Final Frontier

Interface… the final frontier. A seminar at Merz Akademie on the space depictions on desktops. Interface Night lives long and prosper on YouTube.

Windows Real

Johannes P Osterhoff - Windows Real

With the YouTube blockbuster Windows Real users can experience an absolutely real interface. It was the result of a seminar I gave at Merz Akademie.