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Johannes P Osterhoff - semex

semex is a system for semantic video retrieval. Like the visionary memex it strives for explorative and meaningful information retrieval.

April 2011

Young & Rubicam

Johannes P Osterhoff - Young & Rubicam

Young & Rubicam online relaunch was handmade in Berlin. The minimalistic web design shows the traditional brand in a whole new light.

November 2010

Nokia vs. Vodafone

Johannes P Osterhoff - Nokia vs. Vodafone

A product of a customer of mine was themeable. The visual representations had to be done in the corporate styles of the future customers, of course.


Johannes P Osterhoff - barcoo

For my friends from barcoo I made a neat reduced corporate design and interface designs. The #1 app reveals everything about products—on your mobile.


Johannes P Osterhoff - IM_OP

With the university medical center in Tübingen and Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart I tried to bring medical operations and cave environments together.


Johannes P Osterhoff - Modulor

A small booklet on Le Corbusier and his Modulor principles. I wanted to make the Modulor a real being. The outcome was an illustrated robot.