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— Cult of Mac, June 3, 2010

“Hats off to this Robin Hood of mixed media.”

„Destop Country ist ein digitales Musterland aus sauberen Reihenhaussiedlungen und mit vorbildlichen Bewohnern. Doch hinter diesen perfekten Fassaden gärt es genauso wie in der realen Welt.“

— taz, April 8, 2009

“If I could live with any work of art ever made it would be the print I bought from the artist Johannes P Osterhoff. […] Cubes and circles printed on canvas, still in the wrapper. Perfect!”

— Cory Arcangel in an interview for Art World, Feb/Mar 2008

„Gerade dieses Übertriebene in den Benutzeroberflächen, die Transparenzen, Bilder und eigentlich überflüssigen und sich gar nicht mehr so selbst erklärenden Symbole reizen Johannes P Osterhoff und motivieren ihn zu neuen Projekten.“

— MacLife, 10/2007

Johannes about himself

Hi, I am not a media but an interface artist. My middle initial stands for pdf pixel porn performance.

Since the rounded buttons of Windows were replaced by cornered ones during its redesign in 1995, I try to keep a wary eye on the more and more baroque graphical user interfaces of contemporary pop culture media.

Johannes P Osterhoff himself

I made the Submit Button in 2003 to memorialized the web’s first user generation. For Aqua (since 2005) I paint images that consist exclusively of elements from the colorful Apple operating systems. Its counterpart, Aero from 2007, encapsulated Windows’ iconic overpopulation, and the Defence Project (since 2008) captures the mania for security on interface level. Recent works like the adbusting “Freedom from Porn” or the game “Tell 2.0″ are more political and deal with the user experience of closed platforms.

My projects for example have been exhibited at festivals like Ars Electronica and European Media Art Festival, at galeries in Berlin and Mosow. Mostly I live in Berlin, work at Hasso-Plattner Institut in Potsdam and lecture Interface Design at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and sometimes at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. I am curating a lecture series on interface topics that brings together artists, theorists and designers named the Drop Shadow Talks, which is hosted by Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule.

I have two blogs. One about drop shadows and the visual enrichment of interfaces and design as such. It is called Drop Shadow Blog and is the complement to the lecture series of the same name. It has turned into my personal blog lately. The second is the Blog of the Defence Project and deals with promises of security in the computer and interface context. On both I publish regularly but not too frequently.

Johannes in detail / mobile site

In case you are interested in a detailed CV in tabular form, please refer to the mobile version of my homepage. It comes close to this.

More pics

More pics of my projects and myself can be found on my Flickr account. Feel free to share.

Interface Art?

A quick introduction on Interface Art and my recent projects is the scientific poster for Hyperkult XX.
Poster: “Interface Art vs. Interface Trivialization” (PDF, 2,7 MB)