The Final Frontier

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May 27—30, 2008 @ Merz Akademie Stuttgart
Interface seminar, second semester, New Media pathway
johannes p osterhoff

Not only since Windows' screen saver classic “Starfield Simulation” and Apple Leopard's Aurora wallpaper, depictions of astronomic phenomena are used to symbolize the graphical user interface's infinite space and therewith the user's unlimited possibilities.

In this seminar we will investigate the interface's Space with its mysterious depictions and its promised utopias. On our journey towards this final frontier we will substantiate our questions regarding the interface with recent theory on the graphical user interface and “User experience”. The seminar “The Final Frontier” will close with a joint exhibition or a similar space project (e.g. a rocket launch) on Friday.

The aim of the seminar is to provide students a verbal toolbox, making it possible to reflect upon processes and tendencies in the field of the modern graphical user interface from an artistic point of view.

Further reading
Mark Blythe et al: Funology—From Usability to Enjoyment, Dordrecht 2004
Kai-Uwe Hellmann and Arne Klein: Unendliche Weiten, Frankfurt 2002
David Bolter and Diane Gromala: Windows and Mirrors. Interaction Design and the Myth of Transparency, Massachusetts 2003 and others

The result: “Interface Night”     Bookmarks     Materials and proofs